Your House Your Way

Glass is everywhere! Turn on your TV and you will come across countless DIY, home renovation and build programmes whom nearly all feature glass as the material of choice for kitchen and bathroom feature panels.

Toughened glass is unbeatable for those looking at modern, easy to clean, durable, safe and hygienic choices; no germs harbouring in any grout edges here! As well as being super practical, glass splash backs and worktops are an affordable way to dramatically create impact in your kitchen; the one room where everyone always seems to congregate over food, chat and wine and is the hub of your family home.

The use of toughened glass in the home is not confined to the splashback or kitchen worktop. Oh no! – Glass can be used to enhance your bathroom, utility room, shower cubicle, fire place hearth or to be used decoratively as tiles, vanity tops, feature panels or table tops.  By fusing different sized glass pieces (cullets) and colours you can truly create a home unique to you and your personal style. Stunning effects to make the Jones’ next door seriously envious!

But here’s a thought. What if you could help to save the world at the same time as making the neighbours green with envy at your fabulous kitchen?

What if you could use 100% recycled glass products to create your splash backs, worktops and other pieces?  Now this is pretty revolutionary and certainly worth exploring.

Bottle and jar recycling saved around 385,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the past year, equivalent to taking more than 120,000 cars off the road. As British Glass ( neatly summarises Glass is infinitely recyclable and in doing so we save raw materials, lessen energy demand, cut CO2 emissions and reduce the amount of materials going landfill.”

Here at Bottle Alley Glass, we produce thousands of sheets a year of recycled glass that are then fabricated to create beautiful glass panels. Our glass is fused in kilns which makes the finished product different from any other you will see on the market. There is no composite, no resin – only 100% recycled glass making it the most environmentally friendly glass product for your home. We create eye catching products that add a stunning feature to your home and help save the planet.  You’ll also make the Jones’ green with envy at the same time! Now that’s certainly something to think about.

If you would like advice on how to improve the look of your home using our unique 100% recycled glass products then contact us today….