Here are some frequently asked questions.

How heat resistant are the worktops?

The Frying Pan Test has been carried out successfully - very hot pan removed from gas hob and immediately rested on the glass slab repeatedly for a minute at a time. Each time the slab heated up to a high temperature (too hot to touch) and cooled down to ambient without a problem. This was not a scientific test but shows the resilience of the material.

We would still recommend having a pan stand to help your beautiful recycled glass worktops look their best for many years to come.

Are the worktops stain resistant?

Glass worktops are impervious to water and oils allowing stains to wipe off without any problems.  Glass is all antibacterial and will not harbour germs.  I have tried coffee and tea on the surface. It wiped off without leaving a stain.

How are the worktops cleaned?

Our glass worktops are very easy to clean with an eco surface cleaner and eco cloth. 

How are your tiles fixed?

Our tiles can be fixed to your wall with normal tile adhesive and can be cut with diamond tile cutters.  For the best effect we recommend fixing by your local tiling experts.

I am interested in your backlit splashbacks, how are these lit and fixed to the wall?

Our backlit splashbacks are lit using LED light sheets which are only 8 mm thick, this allows two optional fixing types. 
Option 1: the LED sheet is built into the plasterboard of your kitchen and then our 10mm thick recycled glass splashback is silicone on to the wall in front.  This option works well for those who are still in the process of building their kitchens and plastering the walls.

Option2: the LED sheet is mounted on to the wall with the glass in front of it.  The glass edges are built up with a thin piece of the same glass to form a frame 20mm thick which hides the LED sheet.  The glass is placed over the LED sheet and sealed with silicone sealant.  The splashback is then 20mm thick which fits nicely with granite or recycled glass upstands which are also 20mm thick.

Hi, I really like the green glass table you have a picture off, how do I go about getting one of these?

Our recycled glass tables are made completely bespoke to the customer’s requirements.  Please contact one of our expert designers and we will design a table just for you.