We are keen cooks and wanted a worktop that was both practical and kind to the environment.

This recycled glass worktop ticked every box. It is really easy to maintain and so far nothing has stained it. It doesn’t further deplete our natural resources like quarried marble or granite worktops. We also like that the resin used is much more eco-friendly and less toxic than other manufactured worktops.

Last but not least it looks great and visitors are pleasantly surprised especially when we tell them it’s recycled glass. We went for Cream Fines colour and the grading of the materials used is excellent so that it has interest but not over busy and just the right level of mirror pieces so that it lifts it without it being star spangled and overbearing.

We also appreciated the service from DiamikGlass who were responsive to our requests, found solutions to what we were wanting and did everything on time. They put our satisfaction as customers uppermost. We would recommend them and have already done so to our friends.”

Nicola & Christine Beckenham