I had been wondering how to refurbish my 18 year old freestanding IKEA kitchen for about 12 months. The units were perfectly good it just needed an update. Firstly I changed the doors to Copper. Then I wanted a recycled glass worktop made in the UK to replace the solid wood to brighten the room.

I chose Diamik Glass, based in Leeds.

When I contacted them they were really helpful and sent the samples out that I requested promptly.

I needed the worktop to be 25mm thick rather than the standard 20mm which they were able to do, they also made 2 small shelves at 10mm thick.

The completion date was faster than I expected and the finished products are amazing.

The customer service was exemplary and I would highly recommend if you are looking for a bespoke but affordable work surface this is the company to choose.

Jane Allen

Order Sample: ER008 9016