DIAMIK GLASS releases the latest in sustainable construction products with its sleek and ultra eco-friendly recycled glass surfacing.

Feb 2022

Diamik Glass has officially launched its latest product line, Viridis. The new range is set to enhance the brand’s already strong presence in the construction and renovation industry with an even more advanced material that offers an aesthetic that is more appealing still, all from the same trusted industry leading manufacturer.

Made in Britain and in the heart of Yorkshire, Diamik Glass is determined to lead the way forward in the sustainable materials industry, spearheading recycled glass use across a vast range of different possibilities. Ranging from commercial through to the most popular residential uses, the Viridis range is highly versatile and offers a gateway to sustainability to any project or build.

The Viridis range is yet another success of the ever evolving Diamik Glass team following their recent projects with Bombay Sapphire, as well as multiple other large scale up and coming organisations, recognised on both national and international levels. The new range aims to provide yet another avenue for sustainability in worktop, surface and glass use across any industry at any scale and at any level required.

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