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Corporate Social Responsibility

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statement outlines how we manage our business processes, to produce a positive impact on our community, and the communities of our customers.

Our CSR policy focuses on four key areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference:

Our team

Diamik Glass is committed to the well-being and continual development of all employees.

Our team is appreciated and valued, with regular opportunities for feedback to ensure every employee has a clear understanding of their role, and how they contribute to the business.

We expect all employees to uphold the same high standard of business practice. Individuals are recognised and rewarded based on performance, effort, and contribution to the team.

We fully support diversity, fairness, and equal opportunities; and aim to involve and consult with employees regularly on the direction of the business.

Our customers

Diamik Glass aims to build long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders, based on the following core business values:

Integrity and Transparency:

Upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our business dealings is essential. This practice nurtures trust and credibility among our stakeholders. We believe that clear and open communication about our company practices, products, and processes is crucial. It ensures that our stakeholders have accurate information, empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Demonstrating our genuine commitment to environmental sustainability resonates with the values of our conscious stakeholders. We are proud of our active efforts to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, and waste. By doing so, we position ourselves as a responsible and environmentally conscious partner, aligned with the global call for a more sustainable future.

Empowerment and Collaboration:

Valuing input and involving our stakeholders in decision-making processes are key priorities for us. We are passionate about fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration among our team and partners. This extends to engaging our employees in shaping our company’s direction, collaborating closely with our customers to provide tailored solutions, and actively involving local communities in initiatives that bring them tangible benefits.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Embracing diversity and promoting inclusion sends a powerful message of respect and equality to our stakeholders. We are dedicated to fostering a diverse workforce and engaging with communities of different backgrounds. By ensuring equal opportunities for all and embracing inclusivity, we can build strong and enduring relationships with our stakeholders based on mutual understanding and shared values.

Social Impact and Community Engagement:

Contributing positively to the community through volunteering and active engagement is part of our DNA. We are proud of our commitment to social impact beyond business transactions. Supporting local initiatives, partnering with community organizations, and aligning with the social values of our stakeholders are all ways in which we strengthen our bonds with diverse communities.

These core values form the backbone of our identity, reflecting our dedication to responsible business practices, sustainability, collaboration, diversity, and community engagement. We are committed to consistently embodying these values in all our operations and interactions. By doing so, we can build enduring relationships with our stakeholders that extend beyond commercial transactions and contribute to a positive and lasting impact.

Our Environment

We are aware of our environmental impact as a business, and we’re committed to reducing our energy consumption, carbon footprint, and waste to landfill.

Our aim is to take all the appropriate steps to mitigating the impact Diamik Glass has on the environment. Implementing procedures that seek to improve our environmental performance, and providing training when necessary, so employees understand their own environmental responsibilities.

Our community

Diamik Glass recognises the importance of the local community. We promise to be sensitive to the needs of local people and groups and strive to make a positive impact in their communities.

We fully support and encourage our employees, partners, and customers, in their own efforts to volunteer.

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