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The development of ecorok™ recycled surfaces originated with an idea of turning waste products into a high-quality surface at the forefront of design and eco credentials. In the beginning we were the centre of many jokes, and we had to overcome many obstacles. AND WE DID!

Throughout our journey of development, we encountered numerous challenges that demanded innovative solutions. The diverse behaviors of different glass types, the question of sourcing sufficient glass, and the feasibility of meeting potential demand were all puzzles we needed to solve. With each challenge, we gained valuable insights that fueled our progress.

Amidst this exploration, we were struck by the influx of containers arriving in the UK, laden with mined materials sourced globally—quartz, granite, and marble among the prevalent contributors. We recognized the imperative to reshape this paradigm of extensive imports and embarked on a mission to offer a sustainable alternative.

Our aspiration was clear: to design and manufacture an alternative that hinged on recycled materials. Glass emerged as the perfect candidate, capable of being crushed into diverse sizes to produce a myriad of effects. Among our cherished designs is a concrete-inspired creation crafted from finely ground glass powder. Our surfaces are bound through meticulous fusion or carefully selected bonding agents. From the outset, we prioritized safety and hygiene, driven by the feedback and concerns of the very people who would interact with our creations.

Our journey of development has been nothing short of comprehensive, our testing marked by rigorous scrutiny. Extensive field testing has yielded impeccable results, validating the durability and quality of our offerings.

We firmly believe that we have birthed something extraordinary—a testament to our dedication and the relentless pursuit of a better alternative. We invite you to join us in supporting our British enterprise, thereby contributing to our collective success. By choosing us, you play a pivotal role in redefining the balance between domestic and foreign goods. As you contemplate your purchase, we encourage you to question your supplier about the origin of their raw materials.

Together, we can reshape industry norms, champion sustainability, and celebrate the beauty of British innovation.

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