Bespoke Recycled Glass Worktops

Although our product is already very unique we can, in addition to our standard range, produce a surface to our clients precise requirements, this means that the  opportunities of getting a one-of-a-kind worksurface is limitless.

When a client has expressed an interest in a bespoke surface, there are many things we can do to ensure that we’re working towards their vision.

We take into account many factors in order to produce a surface to their exact requirements.


We will liaise with our clients to talk through their design ideas and work surface needs.

We’ll initially create an idea, if this is this not quite right, we can play around with some elements to tweak until a final design is agreed upon.

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Change of background colours.

By changing the RAL colour we can totally change the product appearance, from light colours all the way to dark.

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Glass Colours.

Various colours of glass can be used to craft a bespoke design and style to suit your needs.

For an extra personal touch, if you have any glass you would like us to use, let us know and we can incorporate that too!

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Previous bespoke worktops

Just a quick sample of our most recent custom worktop designs. Get in touch to arrange your own!

Bespoke Recycled Glass Worktop
Bespoke Recycled Glass Worktop
Bespoke Recycled Glass Worktop
Bespoke Recycled Glass Worktop