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Glass Sourcing
Step 1

Glass sourcing / collection

Glass is collected from Pubs/Restaurants, recycling centres, and manufacturers typically for coloured glass in the form of bottles in green, blue, brown, red and pink, whereas our mirror glass comes in shattered or rejected sheets from the Glazing industry.

Step 2

Glass processing

From these sources we receive glass that has been washed, sterilised and de-labelled, and wiped clean of any paint or decorative labels. These are then crushed in large batches (>1000Kgs) and then sieved in our 4 standard aggregate sizes, one colour at a time to avoid contamination, and later stored in 890L quarantined batches.

Glass Processing
Step 3


By the time an order comes through, size, shape and colour recipe has been agreed to and these details are forwarded to the factory. The mould fabricator then produces the recipient which the material is casted. This includes a 3mm excess thickness that is later calibrated. In the meantime, the aggregate processor prepares the glass to the percentages specified in the recipe. Once both recipient and glass are prepared, the mould is treated with a release agent, resin and glass is poured in and placed in storage to cure overnight at room temperature.

Step 4


The cured piece is removed from its mould and brought to a bridge calibrator, where the slab is milled down to 1mm away from the finished thickness.

Polishing Machine
Step 5


Once calibrated, the slab is brought to the polishing station. The slab is lightly polished to reveal the first glass layer, so any holes can be filled and cured, before polishing the top surface through all the grades.

Step 6

Edge polish and fabrication

The slab then goes to the fabricators’ station, where the edges are polished and any specified cut-outs or features are made. Finally, the finished worktop is then stored/packaged for delivery/fitting.

Edge Polishing

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